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Ian Ashton Award

Ian Ashton Trophy

Ian was a dedicated and inspirational member of our society from 1998 till his untimely death in 2012 aged 74 years.  For many years he was our stage manager and set designer.  His passion for pantomime shone through as he passed on his skills and knowledge to younger members of our society.  He continually put young people first, inspiring them to do things that they would perhaps have shied away from without his encouragement.  He worked tirelessly backstage and even today we use many of his ideas and even one or two of his artistically produced backdrops.

In order to keep the memory of Ian alive, our society decided to create a very special annual award.  The beautiful cut glass trophy is presented for dedicated effort that enhances the production of our November pantomime.  We consider what has been done above and beyond normal expectations in all areas of our production – on stage, back-stage, administratively and in all other facets of our successful production. Young people are primarily, though not totally, in the thoughts of the committee as they consider worthy applicants. 


On the winners table, there are usually three nominations with just one winner – but there have been years when the superb talent and dedication has meant that we have had to change our rules! Nominations and winners of this trophy that is incredibly special to everyone in SCADS are:

Award Winners & Nominees

Christopher Tomlin

Awarded for  his outstanding contribution as Musical Director, his first time in this position


Courtney Walsh

Nominated for outstanding performance in a senior role.

Jonathan Walton

Nominated for outstanding performance, commitment, dedication to the Stage Crew.

Christopher Tomlin

Awarded the Ian Ashton trophy for his outstand contribution as Musical Director, his first time in this role.


Katie Gallagher

Nominated for outstanding leadership and choreography.

Charlie Lomax

Nominated for outstanding performance, commitment, dedication.

Denham Robinson

Awarded the Ian Ashton trophy for an outstanding performance as well as maintaining his contributions to many other aspects of our pantomime.


Rodger Dean

Nominated for his dedication, organisation and hard work; his inventive design and always being totally calm and unflappable.

Lucy Caton

​Nominated  for her positivity, selflessness and well-mannered approach; her calming presence and her growing confidence in all aspects of performance.

Eleanor Tomlin

Awarded the Ian Ashton trophy for

her overall contribution, dedication and positivity in all aspects of our production, in particular learning her lines.


 David Gallagher

Nominated for his enthusiasm, commitment and larger than life presence on stage which provided leadership and continuity.

Dave Iveson

Nominated for stepping in at the last minute and astounding us all by still knowing his lines and performing his role with such talent.

Max Gallagher

Awarded the Ian Ashton trophy for stepping up into his first major role and showing exceptional stage presence.


Becky Waite

Nominated  for multitasking throughout the performances, helping out where there was need and whose artistic talents ensured that make-up had a professional look.

Lucy Caton

Nominated for a good performance even though work commitments impinged on rehearsal time.

Jonathon Walton 

Awarded the Ian Ashton trophy for an outstanding first-time appearance on stage, showing a willingness to accept and act on advice and at the same time maintain his commitment to helping backstage.


Michelle Caton

Nominated for a strong and convincing performance.

Calum Hutchinson

Nominated for stepping into a second role at the last minute, assisting in other areas and having a cheery persona.

Erin Dove

Awarded the Ian Ashton trophy for 100% commitment in her first major role, even through adversity.


Rodger Dean

Awarded the Ian Ashton trophy for his dedication and skill in the props department, coming up with solutions to challenges given to him, producing fantastic props and managing them throughout our performances.

Freyja Richardson

Awarded the Ian Ashton trophy for 100% commitment, being word perfect, always ready to go on stage, attending all her rehearsals as well as helping out at Senior Chorus.


Oscar Howard, Charlotte Waite

& Jessica Waite

Nominated for dedication and commitment at rehearsals and performances.

Stephen Lawrence (Syd)

Nominated for outstanding contribution to scenery and props.

Toby Glover & Edward Mossley

Awarded the Ian Ashton trophy for being the best double act on stage.


Grace Sulley

Nominated for reliability and willing ness to step into additional roles at rehearsals and her enthusiasm throughout.

Matthew Wainwright

Nominated for reliability and willingness to step into a backstage role, at the last minute, whilst retaining a character role.

Jessica  Waite

Awarded the Ian Ashton trophy for reliability and enthusiasm in rehearsals and performances as well as  assisting  backstage.

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