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You're Only Young Twice


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Noda Review

‘You’re Only Young Twice’ is a play written by Ron Aldridge. It is a funny and thought provoking play, which is about a troublesome gentleman ‘Brooksie’ who is causing a headache for ‘Sue’ his daughter and son-in-law ‘Richard’. Staying out until the early hours, playing music too loud and spending most of his day in bed. A recent widower, he and his companions from the over 60’s club aim to recapture their youth. ‘Brooksie’ often seeks the approval from his late wife ‘Grace’. This comedy play illustrates the motto ‘you're as young as you feel’, this said after a late night out you certainly start feeling your age. There were some additional good comedy moments which

were ad-lib and lightened the mood somewhat.


The staging of this show was very good, realistic and of a good quality which added to the overall feel when the curtains opened in the theatre. The props used were of a high quality and looked apt on stage. The lighting also added to the atmosphere and enhanced the set nicely.

However, the play was hard to follow, with the near constant use of the prompt throughout the show. This disrupted the flow of the and the prompt should be commended, as he managed to follow script all the way through and keep them on track. It was obviously a little under rehearsed and was a little embracing with a paying audience in attendance. But it was a triumph that the society managed to actually finally stage a show, after attempting to pull a cast together over the past three years. I would like to wish the society well for their annual pantomime in few months’



Author: Lloyd Bamber

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