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Loans Policy

We may be asked by parishioners or people outside our church for the loan of Costume and/or Equipment. The following procedure was agreed by our committee on Wednesday 16th March 2011.


When a member of SCADS is approached regarding the loan of costumes and/or equipment (s)he will inform the chairperson or secretary. The chairperson or secretary will then explain the conditions laid down in this procedure and complete the Monitoring Sheet.


  1. Details of items to be loaned will be recorded on the monioring sheet.

  2. By signing the monitoring sheet the borrower agrees to the conditions of the loan.

  3. All items must be returned by the agreed date.

  4. Any loss or damage to items whist in the care of the borrower will be rectified before return. If this is not possible, the committee reserve the right to charge the borrower for replacement, but of the same value agreed by the two parties.

  5. Signatures of both parties will be required on the return of the item/s.

  6. A copy of the policy & procedure will be handed to the borrower at the time of the loan.

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